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Install a Door Lock

Do you feel confident in installing a new door lock yourself? If so, read on! This guide will walk through the steps of getting your hands on an affordable and easy installation.

Let’s see how to replace a faulty door lock and install new door knobs.

Don’t try installing your locks if you’re unsure what the best way is. You could lock yourself out or get into some other bothersome situation! We’ve got expert installation and repair services for residential houses in Irvine, California, that will make everything easy as pie, so call us today at (949) 836-8483

Buying the Right Door Lock

• Make sure you measure the diameter of your holes before purchasing a new door lock. Otherwise, it may not fit, and this will result in an unwanted expense for another product or service because they cannot provide one that fits exactly like what was originally planned on doing so with their original installation process

• The first thing you should do if your door has an old lock set is removed it and see if there’s a hole in the bottom of where that hardware used to go.

• The setback is the distance from an edge of your door to where it meets with its corresponding hole. This ensures that when you install a new doorknob, this will fit into place and lock securely without any gaps or missing holes in between!

• Make sure that the lock you select has an appropriate diameter and setback. You can usually adjust these parameters for newer door sets, so long as they are of similar dimensions to your current one!

Replace the Doorknob

• Remove the screws from the door knob on the inside of your door.

• Pull open the exterior knob and the interior deadbolt.

• Check that the new latch plate fits the recessed area and moves freely when opening or closing the door.

• Make sure to check your new doorknob for any problems before you leave. Make certain that it opens and closes properly with the key, as well as align both locks perfectly into place by ensuring they move freely without getting stuck or caught on anything when turning clockwise (as seen from outside). If everything looks good, then go ahead and flush away!

• Align the two long screws inside into the cylinders on the exterior knob and tighten the screws.

• The spindle is the long metal piece sticking out of the exterior side of the doorknob. It turns and slides the bolt into the door to open it.

Sometimes installing a new door lock can be difficult. If you are experiencing any problems with your installation, such as an alignment issue or if the doorknob does not work properly after installation, then take drastic measures immediately! Do not leave it up to chance by locking yourself out of rooms if something goes wrong during these processes because there is no time for mistakes when dealing with locks that important. You might lose access forever, depending on how long they’ll hold their breath before giving way again…

Sometimes, you might have to adjust the door’s hole. In such cases, it’s best to call a residential locksmith for professional assistance.