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If you find yourself locked out of your home or car in Irvine , you’ll need the number of a good locksmith in Irvine, CA near you. If you are looking for highly qualified and reliable Locksmith near by­, YOU GOT TO THE RIGHT PLACE


LDL locksmith in Irvine, CA business has been around for a long time and serves the people of Irvine, CA 24-hours a day. We’re here for your safety, If you need a home, office, or business lock service, we have the latest technology and best workmanship. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We at LDL Locksmith, constantly looking for new ways to establish more and better relationships with our customers. Our reputation for high-quality service has helped us do that so far. We are glad to demonstrate the unique experience and dedication we bring to the table, and our primary concern is to deliver excellence in our field. Serving all of Orange County and have a range of security products in our Mobile Station – check it out today!

Full Locksmithing Services

Mobile Locksmith Car key replacement is one of our specialties. While replacing/fixing car keys or car locks isn’t a science. It’s a skill that requires a lot of training and research. Newer cars use chip keys, AKA computerized keys. The chip in the car key communicates with the vehicle’s ECU (car computer). 

If it is not programmed correctly, the car will work, but it might not START. Before that happens, you must have a car key cut perfectly to match one of the tumblers and turn them. Locating the right keys for a car can be difficult. We can quickly research where the key codes are based on manufacturers, or they may have information about the make and model of your vehicle. To do this, we need to be part of the National Association of Security Technicians Foundation and have authorization from your domestic auto corporation. Programming the chip requires equipment that can communicate with your car’s computer and convert key codes. Setting up the immobilizer with a key is possible as long as you have your chip.



At LDL Locksmith, our residential services include lock repair, installation, and replacement. Quality service is centrally located in Orange County, CA. We offer a variety of products and services for residential, commercial, and automotive use. These include emergency locksmiths, rekeying keys, deadbolts, new handle sets, high-security locks & safes. We also provide these essentials for the keypads or door hardware you may need to fit in your home or business.

We, at LDL locksmith Orange County are here to help! Rely on us for your intelligence locking needs. We are Your best commercial locksmith choice, and we’re here to help with a wide range of services, from a simple lock rekey or installation to high-security solutions.

There are several commercial CCTV cameras, door closers, high-security locks, access control systems, and keyless entry options. We also offer magnetic locks, safes, and intercom systems – what will you choose for your home or business?

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High Security Locksmith Near by

Our customers are guaranteed that the level of security meets high standards with Dimple High-Security Locks solutions that ensure keys can only be obtained by authorized individuals. We offer great products such as residential cylinders, a door viewer, and many other security options. We also have some high-security outdoor locks and various Mul-T lock solutions.

We are a reliable and trusted mobile locksmith in Irvine, CA!  Our tecs come to your location and will have the latest in locksmith equipment for your needs. Our Mobile locksmith technicians always have the latest knowledge and training to provide You with sound solutions, no matter the circumstance ! We offer 24h/7days a week, same-day lockout service that is thorough and reliable. As a family-owned and operated business, we are committed to providing dependable services for all your locksmith needs.

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We’re here to help if you find yourself locked out of your office, vehicle or home. Reach out to our 24/7 emergency locksmith helpline for fast response. Our emergency locksmith technicians are mobile and can arrive at your doorstep within thirty minutes of contacting us.

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We service Orange County with high-quality locksmith work. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Our mobile locksmith technicians will arrive quickly to deal with your car keys and make sure you are safe on the road. They can retrieve keys from the car, help you open your locked vehicle, extract broken keys, replace car keys or change locks and ignition systems in case something goes wrong.

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Residential locksmith Services in Irvine, CA

Our locksmith experts are ready to help with your residential needs, no matter what it is: if you need a new lock installed, key repair or replacement, or to be let into your home for whatever reason.

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Whatever your commercial locksmith needs for your business, we have you covered! Whether it’s about our wide range of security and locksmith services for industrial, commercial, or business clients in Orange County – trust us over anyone else.

Local Locksmith Near Irvine, ca

LDL Mobile Locksmith is local in Irvine Orange County, CA. While located conveniently In Irvine, we Fast serve all Orange County and surrounding cities. Our locksmith technicians would love to respond quickly and professionally to all your lock, key, and security needs, including emergencies, residential, automotive, and commercial

LDL Locksmith Servicing all Irvine’s neighborhoods and zip codes :

– Woodbridge, Irvine- zip code 92604

– Shady Canyon, Irvine- zip code 92603

– Turtle Rock, Irvine- zip code 92603

– Orchard Hills, Irvine- zip code 92602

– North Park, Irvine- zip code 92602

– Irvine Technology Center, Irvine- zip code 92602

– Lower Peters Canyon, Irvine- zip code 92602

– Northwood, Irvine- zip code 92620

– Woodbury, Irvine- zip code 92620

– West Irvine, Irvine- zip code 92602

– Myford, Irvine- zip code 92602

– University Park, Irvine- zip code 92612

– Great Park, Irvine- zip code 92618

– East Irvine, Irvine- zip code 92618

– Oak Creek, Irvine- zip code 92618

– Irvine Research Center, Irvine- zip code 92618

– Irvine Spectrum Center, Irvine- zip code 92618

– Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine- zip code 92612