The traditional ways of safety and security on the road have been evolving for years, but we can’t go back to a time when there were no innovations. The recent technological advancements make some aspects more important than others which is why it’s good that professionals like yourself take care in maintaining your car properly so you’re able enjoy every aspect available!

The next step if your car key stops working after changing the batteries is to replace it with a new one. However, in some instances, you might need more help than just ordering another set of keys from our website!

This article will help you understand the reason why your car key isn’t working after replacing its battery.


The chances are high that your car remote has been reset during battery change, and there’s also a chance you might have pressed some buttons on it to stop all keys from working. If more than one key isn’t responding then this is likely what happened with yours as well – in which case lookout for any other signs like spare remotes not being able-to switch between them or get into the vehicle at all!


The button on your car remote is going to wear out. It’s just like how we humans sometimes have problems with our buttons, and they become too worn for the signals sent by contact points in order execute orders or requests properly- but this can still happen even if there aren’t any obvious signs of damage!

Some of the buttons work and not every time you press them:

· Certain buttons or all buttons only work when pressed in a specific way.

· One button works, the other does not.

· Your key fob buttons are worn out if the plastic covering the key has also fallen apart. The best solution is to replace the car key fob.

Broken Locks

One of the most common reasons for a remote key to stopping working is because its locks have been damaged. To fix this issue, you will need to verify if your car door’s lock or something else like an antenna (which may happen when there has been extensive rain) could be causing interference with signal reception by checking both manually operated buttons on each side as well as those that use strings and battery power respectively; make sure they all work properly before replacing anything else!


The car key can get ruined due to certain factors like water and scratches. If you notice that the Keys stop working after stepping on them, dropping in tubs or opened; then it’s likely fob damage which is why they don’t work anymore – Congratulations! You’ll have no problem fixing this yourself with some simple steps:

. The spare key is still working while the main one isn’t functioning. Whether there are physical signs indicating that it’s broken or not, we’ll just have to see what happens!

. When it comes to your car, you want the best and most reliable locksmith for key replacement.


When your car key won’t work after changing the battery, there are a few things that can happen. You may be able to fix it with just some programming of course but if not then you’ll need another set of keys made from scratch and maybe even remove whatever parts might have been damaged in order for them all go into use again!

Be assured that LDL Locksmith is your go-to solution whenever you have issues with traditional or smart keys. Give us a call for car key replacement and other locksmith services and a professional will attend to your needs.