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Get the best home security system to protect you and your family. Residential locksmith services, upgrades, installations, and emergency services are available 24/7

Are you locked out of your home? Need a new lock installed on your door? Our residential locksmith for house specialists is here to assist you with all your home locksmith needs.

Fast 24/7 local Mobile Residential locksmith services locksmith near you

Our 24/7 LDL Mobile Locksmith team is available to assist you with all your residential locksmith needs. 

Locked out of your house? We’ll run right over and get you back inside, as soon as possible no trouble. 

Has your home been broken into? We’ll be there with a shoulder to lean on and a professional to depend on. 

We can install new door locks for you and security alarm systems. 

So let’s talk if you’re looking for advice on improving security around the house. 


Our home locksmith services include:

We can repair, re-key, or set you up with any new lock you may need, from door knob fixtures to deadbolts to state-of-the-art locks like biometric locks that open with a swipe of your finger. 

Specializing in gate locks, garage doors, glass doors, and interior doors that add an extra level of security. 

If you’re moving in and not sure about what different keys may be out there, we’ll drop by and re-key your old lock or set you up with a new Lock– One that suits the style of your home. 

Want to update your security, which you should do periodically, we’ll assess and advise you about what you may need. 

As we know the nuances of home security, such as having more robust strike plates to help prevent the door from force barged open.

And we can match fashionable but modern lock types with the type of home you have. 


24 hour home lockout solutions

Lock out of your house is never a picnic, If you lock yourself out of your home, we’ll be there quickly to get you into your home without causing any damage to your door. 

Our emergency home locksmiths can help you. 

Since we are local residential locksmiths, we can reach to you in less than 30 minutes and get your door unlocked for you within minutes.

If you lost your key or locked your key inside your home, we’ll be right there to get the problem fixed.. 

And we’ll offer other tips to make things more secure around the house. 


Certified Mobile Residential locksmith services near me

Integrity is paramount to our company. We provide OC residents with the very best locksmith service provided. 

Our local home locksmith technicians are certified, licensed residential locksmiths who are fully trained to service your locksmith needs with the utmost professionalism. 

Not only our locksmith technicians are certified to service your home locks and keys, we undergo regular training that allows us to keep updated on all the latest locksmith techniques and tools available on the market. 

No matter what your home security needs involve, we can get to your fast and can rectify the problem in a friendly and professional manner. 

Affordable Mobile Residential locksmith services

We are licensed, bonded experts, and have knowledge about all types of security systems, from basic locks to non-key high-security systems. 

Our service call at 24/7 LDL Mobile Locksmith only costs $55, making us the most affordable residential locksmith in your area. 

We’ll do our best to be the home locksmith that is first on your call list as a dependable service provider in security. 

Our residential team of locksmiths charges fair locksmith rates and can help you make sure that your home is kept secure at all times.

Keeping your home security air-tight

There are a lot of valuable things in your home – computers, TVs, stereo equipment, even cherished family heirlooms, not to mention the people you love. 


Do you know just how vulnerable your home may be? 

Sadly enough, there are those who do, But we’re here to change that!

For instance, many burglars know that the best way to get into a home is through the garage door. 

So how secure is your garage door or the door that connects your house and garage? 

How about your sliding doors, glass doors, and gate entrances? 

LDL Mobile emergency Locksmith, have the know-how to make those vulnerable points airtight.

By calling us, at 24/7 LDL Mobile Locksmith, you can rest assured that you’ll have a true residential and apartment locksmith pro doing the job. 

Then you can sleep easier knowing that you, your family, and all your belongings are as safe as can be. Call us Now! 

After so many years, we have “seen it all” and know how to make practical suggestions to those needing residential locksmith service. 

If your lock won’t lock, your cylinder spins around, have a new front door lock, rekey a lock, if you can’t open the dial on your closet safe, don’t sweat it, Call us!

Don’t let yourself get frustrated by an unprofessional serviceman who leaves you in worse shape than when he arrived… a crooked lock, mangled hardware, loose knobs, you name it.   

Call us at LDL Locksmith Orange County whenever you need a real residential locksmith

Mobile Residential locksmith services
Mobile Residential locksmith services