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A large percentage of burglaries happen through front doors. An intruder may use an unlocked door, break a door, or use a master key to gain entry. 

Whatever method of entry used, you could end up with thousands of dollars in losses. Front door reinforcement is a smart investment to avoid such losses. A sturdy front door not only deters burglars but also keeps your family safe. 

Read on and find out different ways to upgrade your front door- protect and Secure your property!


1. Reinforce the Door’s Hardware

If you have an old front door, check the hardware, including door jambs, hinges, strike plates, and door chains, for any weakness. A weak doorjamb provides an easy entry for intruders into your home. If a burglar forcefully pushes or knocks on the door repeatedly, a weak doorjamb easily gives in and allows entry. 

To reinforce the door support, secure the unit more firmly to the house. Inspect the door fastening system for weakness before you reinforce the system. Check the condition of the hinges and the screws. If the screws are short and rusty, use longer screws to reinforce your front door and make it harder to knock down. 

Another way to reinforce your front door is through the use of hinge bolts made from hardened steel. The metal bolts fit into the doorjamb when you close the door. Hinge bolts also make it impossible for intruders to lift the door from the hinges. While at it, install stronger steel strike plates with longer screws to beef up your front door. If you have an outward opening door with exposed hinges, the metal bolts and metallic strike plates are a simple but effective way to bolster your front door security. 


2. Upgrade the Door Lock System 

A door lock allows access through the door and also keeps intruders out. With age and exposure to the elements, the front door lock unit loses the initial functionality. If you notice any dents, rust, or other signs of damage on your front door locks, plan for an upgrade. 

You have an array of lock systems to choose from, including five-lever mortice locks, deadbolt locks, mortise locks, double cylinder locks, electronic locks and smart locks, knob locks, cylindrical lever locks, and night latches. Each lock system has unique features, advantages, and drawbacks. You can customize the best lock system to suit your front door for enhanced security. 

Whatever lock upgrade you choose, make sure the unit conforms to your home insurance policy. The right choice of door lock qualifies you for lower home insurance premiums. Review the multiple lock systems on the market to reinforce your front door.


3. Secure your property- Install a Video Door Bell

A video bell is a smart investment for your home’s security. The innovative system connects to your home’s security system to provide video footage to your smart device from any location. 

The front doorbell works through motion detection or when a visitor presses the doorbell. Your video bell also allows two-way communication whether you’re in the house or not. With the front door security, you miss nothing around your home’s main entry.


4. Reinforce the Door Glass 

Most homes have front doors with unique glass panels. The glass section serves multiple functions, including enhanced aesthetics and natural lighting. 

However, the beautiful door panel can affect the effectiveness of your front door. If you want to use glass panels on your door, install a security film or metal grille over the glass. Another option is to switch to stronger tempered or laminated glass. 


5. Upgrade to a Solid Door 

The type of core you choose for your front door determines how safe your home is. Hollow doors are popular because of their lower cost, easy installation, and easy customization. 

However, solid core panels are stronger and more durable and enhance front door security. If you have a hollow front door, an upgrade to a solid core panel improves your home’s security. 

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