Security Tips To Stay Safe During The Upcoming Holiday Season (Christmas)

Are you looking forward to an upcoming safe holiday season in Irving? Beware of the burglars who are eagerly waiting for their chance too! Break-ins tend to increase during the festive season of December and January every year! But don’t fret, we have some simple security tips for you to prevent any unpleasant surprises during the upcoming holidays.

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Lock Your Doors and Windows

Don’t leave any easy entry points for unwanted guests or intruders. Make sure your windows and doors are shut and locked tightly. Use deadlocks or bolts if you have them to enhance your security. Check all parts of your property for any gaps or openings!

Arm Your Alarm System

If you have an alarm system on your property, don’t forget to activate it every time you leave the house. Holidays like Christmas are prime time for burglars and opportunistic thieves. Keeping your alarm system updated gives you the peace of mind that your personal response plan will be in action! If you don’t have an alarm system, then call our locksmiths in Irvine right away and see how we can give you peace of mind.

Update Your Signage

A good way to deter criminals is to display signage on your fence and windows showing that your home is protected. Make sure your stickers or signs are visible and clear. It will make the criminals think twice before targeting your property.

Monitor the Alarm System

It’s not enough to have an alarm system, you also need to monitor it. Let a professional locksmith keep an eye on your system 24/7 and alert you if your alarm is triggered.

Update The Contact Information

Are you planning to leave your home during the upcoming holidays? Let us know about your plans! We can update your home security system accordingly. We also recommend keeping contact with a neighbor or friend who lives nearby. They can contact you if an alarm goes off.

Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV systems record everything that happens in and around your home. A well-placed security camera not only scares off potential criminals but also captures any suspicious activity around your home. Contact our locksmith team to find the best option to keep your home safe.

Activate Motion Sensor Lighting

Thieves like to work in the dark. Installing motion-sensor flood lights around your property can alert your family or neighbors to any movement outside your home.

Be Cautious About Online Posts

Everyone enjoys showcasing their plans or gifts online! But sharing these details can make you a target for thieves and crooks. If you let them know when you are going away, you are allowing them to enter your property. Keep these things private to protect your property from potential criminal threats.

Hide Boxes and Packaging

The box from that reputed brand acts as a signal to thieves. It tells them exactly what they can find in your home. Hide or break down your boxes and dispose of them inside your recycling bin away from prying eyes. Contact us today to know how we can help keep your home or business safe with a tailored security plan. We will provide a customized security system that surely meets your needs.